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Sense, Coda (Vid and Art), PG-13, Dean, Sam, Castiel, GEN

Title: Sense
Show: Supernatural
Author: gaelicspirit
Genre: GEN
Characters: Dean, Sam, Castiel
Rating: PG-13 for language, a mature scene in the first chapter, and some darker themes throughout
Spoilers: Set in Season 5 after 5.05, Fallen Idol. Anything up to that point is fair game.
Summary: There are things that make him human. Deciding what those are will become the difference between sanity and madness. When a demon forces the issue, Dean and Sam fight back the only way they can: together.
Disclaimer: They're not mine. More's the pity.
A/N: This Coda includes some gifts of art and music from two very talented woman I am lucky enough to call friends. Both were created specifically for this story; if you take a moment to check them out, I hope you enjoy!

My friend lovinjackson created this vid for me based on an outline of the story. She has a clever eye and a willing heart and I'm among the fortunate to call her my friend.

The song is "Call Me" by the group Shinedown. YouTube nixed the music, so she posted elsewhere. Let her know what you thought!

Find more videos like this on Vidders

My good friend thruterryseyes has the misfortune of being my trusted sanity reader. I don't often post with a beta anymore--more of a time issue than anything else--but I always know I can go to her for a first read through to gauge any gut reactions or moments that fall flat. Sometimes she tosses a chapter back my way with a "this screams for art" comment in the margins of a particular paragraph. This time? I caught her in a generous (and/or weak) moment and she created two manips for the story.

I can honestly say I don't know how she does it--how any of you artist out there do it. Creating a picture where there was nothing via manipulation of various images.... Wonderful.

I've included the paragraphs that spawned the art with a thumbnail of the art itself. If you click on the link below the thumbail, you'll be taken to Terry's Deviant Art page for a larger image. Drop her a line when you get there.

Arms of An Angel

Arms of an Angel at Deviant Art

Sense, Chapter 3


He jerked, spinning around, a curse berating Castiel for abandoning his post ready on his lips. It died the moment the flashlight hit the figure of the angel. Castiel stood in the odd half-light of the beam, strange, wing-shaped shadows bouncing across the walls behind him, Dean hanging limply from his arms.

Sam gaped for a moment; his brother was no light weight. He was slightly shorter than Sam, but compact and all muscle. Sam had been forced to haul Dean's boneless form around more than once. He knew the strength that took.

Seeing the angel effortlessly holding him—Dean's head against Castiel's shoulder, his arms and legs dangling like a child who'd fallen asleep and was being carried to bed—tweaked something against Sam's heart.


"We need to mend his wound. Now."

Pressing the back of his hand against his trembling lips, Sam thought quickly. "Can you hold him for another minute?"

"I can hold him as long as it takes," Castiel said simply, the angel's voice betraying nothing of what such a statement might mean to the brother whose whole life he held in his hands.

These Broken Wings

These Broken Wings at Deviant Art

Sense, Chapter 4

Sam grunted as the knife was torn from his hand, skittering across the wet pavement as lightning and thunder overlapped in their fury. He reached for the weapon tucked in his waist band—bruising his spine—but the demon crashed a fist against his wrist and Sam heard it skittering away on the pavement.

The demon renewed her grip, wrapping both hands around his throat. He tried to pry her hands away from his throat, but she slammed him down against the wet pavement, sending his senses spinning, his breath trapped and useless in his chest.

Dimly, he was aware of the third demon rising, standing behind his attacker, the three of them staring down at him like dead angels, faces impassive, eyes black. Sam reached desperately over his head, clawing for purchase, searching for his lost weapon, vision wavering, consciousness beginning to flee. The beating of his heart drowned out the slam of thunder and the lightning turned his fading vision gray as he thrashed, writhing in her grip, looking anywhere but at her…at them…at their onyx eyes.

And then he saw the impossible.

As lightning flashed once more, a figure appeared in the alley. A figure Sam would know anywhere: Dean. Sam's eyes fluttered as he saw his brother, standing, somehow, in the rain-soaked alley, arms crossed over his body, head bowed, and, inconceivably, massive wings spreading in a imposing display of might. In the brilliance of the light, the darkened shadow of wings extended majestically outward from his back, declaring to all who saw that he was power.

Sam's brain skipped. His tortured lungs cried out and the sound slipped through his lips and hit the air, following the shimmer of energy he'd felt between himself and Dean since his brother had opened his eyes in that warehouse. The cry hit Dean and his brother sank to the ground, limp, and unresponsive. Sam blinked again and saw Castiel, standing where Dean had been, righteous wrath darkening his chiseled features.

"Let. Him. Go." Castiel's voice was a roar of sound and the female demon stumbled back and away, Sam suddenly free.

For a moment Sam couldn't breathe, he couldn't move, and then he was choking, gasping, retching on water, thirsty for air. He curled to his side, coughing, eyes still on Dean's crumpled form, as Castiel advanced on the four demons. It took him a moment to realize that what he'd seen had been Castiel's wings.

I hope you enjoyed!

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